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Why Philippines?

The immigration office requires a passport with more then 6-month validity. A visa is only required if you are planning to stay for longer then 30 days. Visa extensions can be arranged at the Philippine consulate or embassy in your country, and after entry into the Philippines with a local travel agency or the immigration offices.

No vaccination is required, but Tetanus and Hepatitis A vaccination is recommended. There is no Malaria on Negros.

The Philippine Peso is national currency. US Dollar, Swiss Francs and Euro are also accepted. Swiss Franc exchanges for 45.50 Pesos at a fluctuating rate. Currencies can be exchanged right at the airport or with various moneychangers. Credit cards are accepted at the resorts and major shopping centers. ATM machines are also available at various bank locations in bigger cities. Only local credit cards and bank cards are accepted at the bank in Sipalay. Nearest ATM machine for foreign cards is in the city of Kabankalan, a 1 hour drive from Sipalay.

In Sipalay you can buy your daily groceries, utensils, medication and hardware. The local market offers beautiful fresh fish, meats, fruit and vegetables.

With stable networks for cell phones and internet connection it is no problem to stay connected with your loved ones and/or your business. The most common networks with a wide range of access points are GLOBE and SMART

220 Volts/60 Hz

The climate of the Philippines is tropical, with moderate to high temperatures and humidity. There are only two seasons: The dry winter season which runs from December to May and the slightly wetter summer season running from June to November. The dry season brings moderate seas and on-shore breezes and the wetter season has glass-flat seas and minimal offshore winds. The coolest month is January and the hottest is May.
Water temperatures vary between 26-30 degrees.

Diving is all year around. The dive shop operator regularly organizes diving trips to the beautiful Campomanes Bay and daily trips to the more nearby dive sites. More information about diving and operations you find at

Sipalay has a brand-new hospital, which is managed by a well recognized physician. Ambulance cars are ready for emergency transport to Bacolod. EASYVIEW RESIDENCES has a helipad for emergency evacuation.
Next decompression chamber for divers is in Cebu.

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